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AncheCinema is an innovative and multi-purpose space, perfect for events like meetings, business events, presentations and exclusive parties. A place full of allure, adaptable spaces and technology: AncheCinema is the best place where you can plan item by item successful events.


Auditorium Nino Rota

Recently open, totally improved and with an excellent acustics, Auditorium Nino Rota is one of the biggest places for concert in the south of Italy, with 710 seats. It’s located in a park where also Conservatorio Niccolò Piccinni is. It’s the perfect place not only for institute’s concerts, but also for any kind of event.

The Swabian Castle

Built by the Normans in the 12th century, the Norman Swathe castle of Bari is the iconic fortification of the city and is a short walk from the Cathedral. Today, thanks to its size and the charm that shines through its walls, it hosts important exhibitions, exhibitions and many events of thickness.