Legal Team

Legal Team is formed by founders Rosamaria Berloco, Andrea Di Leo, Aurora Donato and Pietro Falcicchio. As the project developed, they were joined by partners Francesco Paolo Visaggi and Francesco Lanatà. It is an agile and qualified working group, made of professionals united by the common desire to interact and cooperate to meet the demands of its target sectors.

Legal Team has a strong vocation for innovation and for this reason it is also particularly inclined to working with foreign economic operators, who are supported in understanding the dynamics of the Italian market and its complex regulation.

Legal Team operates in the field of administrative law and of civil law issues connected to administrative proceedings – among which public procurement and contracts, urban planning, construction and real estate – with a particular focus also on the new phenomena subject to administrative regulation (innovative sectors, mobility, smart cities and sharing economy). The Team is focused on establishing a direct relationship with the client, on communicating with immediacy and on understanding the demands of business strategies as well as the needs of the citizens who interact with the public administration.