La nostra Terra, la nostra forza

Art and Culture

An important crossroads with the East, Bari is a lively year-round destination with numerous cultural and artistic initiatives. Staying in Bari becomes an experiential path that offers different angles of the cultural heritage possessed by this land. The city of St. Nicola is embellished with a rich, historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

From Romanesque to Baroque, cathedrals and monuments frame the squares, in the shadows of imposing castels and noble palaces. In the old town, a maze of alleys, courtyards, ancient palaces and churches, you can admire the wonderful architecture such as the Basilica of St. Nicola, the Romanesque Basilica of St. George, the Cathedral of St. Sabino and the Norman-Svevo Castle, wanted by Frederick II. Also to be admired are Mercantile Square, the Infamous Column and the fascinating historical library of Santa Teresa dei Maschi. The old city leads to the majestic and symbolic Swath Castle, crowned by towers, once a defensive manor, then a Renaissance residence.

They parade in the nineteenth-century Bari masonry, stately palaces and the historic Teatro Petruzzelli, Piccinni theatre and the recently renovated Margherita theatre, nestled on the most evocative and romantic promenade of Puglia.