La nostra Terra, la nostra forza

A city to discover

Our land, our strenght

Bari welcomes you immediately by showing you all the warmth of a unique land. Its Mediterranean climate: cool, pleasant, mild all year round, it is characterized by a light sea breeze that from the Adriatic fills with energy and well-being. Bari is one of those places that make you feel good, always and anyway. At any time of the year it is the ideal destination for any type of event.

Weather and territory

Our climate, tipically Mediterranean, marks Bari as the ideal destination for any kind of event, at any time of the year.

Connections and trasports

The city of Bari overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is easily accessible, both from Italy and the rest of Europe, by plane, but also by land.


Organizing an event in Bari means savoring the typical dishes of this land and being overwhelmed by unique culinary experiences.

Culture and art

An important crossroads with the East, Bari is a lively year-round destination with numerous cultural and artistic initiatives.

Tradition and Folklore

Una Terra legata alle tradizioni che vede il passato come una risorsa per il futuro, capace di offrire, esperienze culturali e folkloristiche uniche.

Location for your event

Seaside locations, historic buildings, cultural containers, hotels ideal to welcome and organize large events to make them unique and exclusive.