The activity

Throughout a territorial marketing program, which content is still in progress to be defined in order to conceive the most clever Plan, BCB together with the cooperation of Pugliapromozione (, the regional Organism in charge of the Promotion of Apulia, have both the challenge to work upon the raising reputation of Bari.

On the leisure environment, this goal has been already and successfully achieved, so that the next step is to strength the potentials of the City on the business Hospitality approach as well.

It has also the aim of BCB to provide the right support to all the suppliers involved in the Offer.

A recent research commissioned by Puglia Promozione revealed that it is still missing the immediate association by the overall Market (Corporate, as well as the Intermediary agencies) to identify Bari and Apulia in general, as a valuable destination to launch products and or to organize Events in general. Bari so far, is historically already well known for hosting lot of successful scientific and medical congresses.

The above mentioned research result made quite evident that till Bari Convention Bureau - Large Events was created, there was a missing entry point serving as first aid support. BCB is now able to provide general and technical orienteering advices to the Demand.