Bari Convention Bureau

Who we are

Bari Convention Bureau, BCB, is a Consortium born last October 2013, dedicated to Large Events.

It has been constituted in Bari Apulia Region, (Italy), on a private input by 3 different Associations of category such as: Confederation of Industries BARI-BAT, Chamber of Commerce BARI-BAT, Federalberghi BARI-BAT, together with eight among the most important Hotel Groups, locally operating.

This peculiar Organization, because of the 3 professional Organizations, is already representing the interests of a multitude of Subjects. Since the beginning, BCB found a good synergy with the private and public Institutional Organisms: Apulia Region, Puglia Promozione Agency; Bari Chamber of Commerce and Fiera del Levante (The Local Fair in Bari).

It was mandatory for the Territory of Bari, willing to enlarge successfully the business segment, to create a proper SYSTEM able to act as the granting subject towards the MICE Market. The first goal of BCB, is to generate a sort of automatism into the Market, facilitating Bari to enter into the short list among the most popular selected Cities. Bari is the perfect destination to host any kind of Event.

The organizational system

BCB, is the direct and unique point of reference towards the Institutions, as well as the MICE Market, (Intermediaries, Consumers but also the Suppliers).

BCB as first step, has been signed an agreement with local Hotels and Fiera del Levante to insure the entry level of the Offer, keeping in mind first of all the quality in relation to the rating point of view. That’s to say, the essential offer consisting in the Hotel room plus the right container ideal for Large Events, is now at disposal on request (new Congress Center, Nevertheless, the whole area of Bari and its charming venues will be included in the proposal according to the different needs and targets.

Bari Convention Bureau team is focused in preserving the correct delivery of the standards all the way through the supplier chain.